Gold Saints/Zodiac Signs in a horror movie, part two! I was inspired by this :3

(part one)

I kept telling everyone, Heihachi was a really chill dude before Kazumi died. This is going to be so hype.


Gojira 1954 Storyboards

I know someone who thinks that 1998 Godzilla > 2014 Godzilla
Aaron Pinsky: the term for it is called "build up." By delaying it so much until the main event, it made the main event that much sweeter
lewis fields: but it made the rest of it crap
lewis fields: honestly my opinion of it is the same as angry joe
lewis fields: i was excited to see zilla
lewis fields: and for me it felt they did everything wrong
Aaron Pinsky: geez man
lewis fields: it's okay that you liked it, i just really hated it myself
Aaron Pinsky: I'e never met anyone who outright hated it
lewis fields: the build up, the human we follwed and a bunch of extra scenes that seemed pointles sjust killed it for me
Aaron Pinsky: I usually here one or two things wrong with it
lewis fields: oh yeah, i loathe that movie
Aaron Pinsky: but everyone else i talk to had a good time overall
Aaron Pinsky: OK man
Aaron Pinsky: gunpoint question
lewis fields: nope, i felt reaaaaaal let down at the end
Aaron Pinsky: do you prefer 1998 or 2014
lewis fields: to be honest, and you won't like this
lewis fields: 98
lewis fields: it was still garbage
Aaron Pinsky: Are you OK if I quote you on that
Aaron Pinsky: to show that I'm not making it up :P
lewis fields: but i felt something for everyone
lewis fields: and when there was action
lewis fields: they didn't pan away fromit
lewis fields: even worm guy who was a moron
lewis fields: at least i could say, "you're a moron"
lewis fields: so yeah, i watch 98 despite the campiness of it
lewis fields: it just felt more enjoyable
lewis fields: so yes, quote me
lewis fields: i preferred the movie with zilla over the one with canon godzilla
Aaron Pinsky: SWEET! Thank you!
Aaron Pinsky: *C&Ps

Great song!


The “palette meme things that i haven’t forgotten but i have to finish commissions first” posts: Unicorn Jabu in #11 (2nd palette) for psycho-blue.

YES!  Thank you!

「ROSE EVO 2014 Winner!」/「r-chie」のイラスト [pixiv]


I was inspired by this XD

I hope to draw part two soon . u . cibia shut up nobody cares





Its really sad how the Divas are treated, man. It burns me up! I just don’t get it. Vince has a wife, a daughter, and three granddaughters. How can you treat women like all they’re worth is sex? Its a shame. And Stephanie should stand her damn ground. Like, you say…

They do? Well, I don’t really watch it. I just know they’ve had great matches like Last Woman Standing, Ladder matches, etc.

There’s the story of Daffney’s time in TNA.

Taylor Wilde, who had to work at a Sunglass Hut when she was Knockouts Champion because she wasn’t getting paid enough.

In addition to the pay thing, the highest paid Knockout is Christy Hemme who hasn’t wrestled since like 2008-2009 (I still believe she is).

Kharma’s dismissal from TNA because of an incident where she knocked out Bubba The Love Sponge, despite Bubba being an awful person.

Angelina Love having to wrestle after sustaining a concussion.

Segments like this where the rhetoric and tone is seen a lot with the Knockouts.

And there is probably more that I am forgetting/can’t find at the moment. But those are the ones that stick out in my mind.

Like don’t get me wrong, WWE is shit with their treatment of women but TNA aren’t saints either, despite them having the women compete in various types of matches with longer times.

I had no idea TNA treated their female talent like that! I am disgusted.

Don’t worry: TNA treats all their talents equally shitty, male or female